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How to change php upload limit in xampp

Step by step instructions to change the maximum transfer size in XAMPP

The maximum size of any file that can be uploaded on a website written in PHP is determined by the values of max_size that can be posted or uploaded, mentioned in the php.ini file of the server. In case of hosted server need to contact the administrator of the hosting server but XAMPP has interpreters for the scripts written in PHP and Perl. It helps to create local http server for developers and it provides them full physical and administrative access to the local server. Hence it is the most widely used server and it is very easy to increase the limit on upload files to the desired value in this server.

step one to change file upload size

Open drive with administrative access and then open xampp folder.

Click on the folder  php and open php.ini file as per give below pic

open the php folder

In php.ini record search the watchword upload_max_filesize and update its incentive to the ideal document size of a solitary connection of biggest size. Of course, its worth is set to 2 MB greatest.

At that point search the post_max_size watchword and update its incentive to the most extreme required worth which is the size of the entire substance and connections remembered for the post.

Save changes in php.ini file and restart the apache in server (XAMPP).